"I’m sorry, Nick. I have no explanation for this one. In fact, it kinda freaks me out. No refunds."


"So sorry, Dan. You look nothing like this. I really need to practice this more, because I am NOT GOOD at it."


I’m sorry, Val. I drew your hair too curly and your chin waay to big. I’m not very good at this. No refunds.”


"I’m sorry, Ivan. I have a really hard time drawing people with facial hair. And… just people in general. I hope you’re not mad."

Debbie & Ken

"I’m so sorry, Debbie and Ken. You guys look like such a nice couple. You deserve a much better caricature than this."

Ajani & Kadia

"Sorry, Ajani and Kadia. I tried my best, but I’m just not very good at drawing caricatures. Like AT ALL. Sorry."


"I’m so sorry, Yaunjin. This is a really terrible drawing of you. I hope you’re not offended. No refunds."

Kathi & Jess

"So sorry, Kathi & Jess. This looks nothing like either of you. I’m just really bad at drawing caricatures. I hope you’re not mad."

Tim & Emily

"I’m sorry, Tim & Emily. I panicked and drew a big mustache on Tim. And to be honest, I don’t know what happened with Emily. No refunds."

Josh & Lydia

"Sorry, Josh and Lydia. I think I got you two confused with another couple. Hope you’re not offended. No refunds."