Zoe & Kit

"I’m sorry, Zoe & Kit. This looks nothing like either of you. I don’t know what I’m doing. No refunds."


"I’m sorry, Jim. You look like a very dignified man and I drew you like a grinning idiot because I’m not good at caricatures. You deserve better."


"Sorry, Stephen. The likeness here isn’t that good. Plus, I drew your kid as a cat. I wish I was better at this. No refunds."

Steve & Rebecca

"So sorry, Steve and Rebecca. This likeness is really crappy. Because I am NOT good at this. Like AT ALL. My apologies."

Carly, Mike & Lisa

"I’m sorry, Carly, Mike, and Lisa. I tried my best, but this looks nothing like you guys. No refunds."

Kim, Peter, & Jake

"Sorry, Kim, Peter, and Jake. I have no idea what I’m doing. No refunds."



"So sorry, Mark. I don’t know why I drew you with a mustache. You don’t have a mustache. MAN I’m really bad at this."

Mandy & Seth

"Sorry, Mandy and Seth. I think I got you two confused with other people. Also, I’m terrible at this. No refunds."

Tim & Monica

"I’m sorry, Tim and Monica. This looks nothing like you two. And there’s a bear in the background. I don’t know what happened. My apologies."

Molly, Nathan, and Xander

"Sorry, kids. I’m a real screw up when it comes to caricatures. That’s why one of you is a bear. Stay in school."